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QA/QC Valves Over Hard Ceilings

QA/QC Valves Over Hard Ceilings

In larger models, finding critical issues is a lot like playing a game of Where’s Waldo. Dynamo can be a huge help here in that it uses geometry and logic to find and highlight issues. In this exercise we will use Dynamo to find piping values that are above a hard ceiling, violating building code dude no poor access.  We will build a Revit schedule and color code views these errors before they turn into costly RFI.


Included Files

  •  Revit 2019: QA/QC Valves Over Hard Ceilings.rvt
  •  Dynamo 2.1: QA/QC Valves Over Hard Ceilings.dyn
  •  How To PDF: QA/QC Valves Over Hard Ceilings.pdf
  •  How To Video: QA/QC Valves Over Hard Ceilings.mp4
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