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Open-source Packs

Our open-source packs make it simple to get started with data-driven design.  Each package comes with Revit Families and Dynamo Scripts that work seamlessly together as well as the training materials necessary (written and video) to help the end-user make it all work.  The goal is not just to get the tools into the hands of designers and engineers but also to help educate and inspire future innovation.  

MEP Project Setup.gif
Project Setup Pack
Add-ins & Open Source

Revit Add-Ins 

Sigma AEC makes automation easy.  Our Add-ins augment your existing workflow and improve productivity.  These toolsets are developed and updated by our team of experienced designers, engineers, and software developers. These predefined add-ins are both resource-efficient and capable of running on any project of any size.

Revit Add-Ins
Diffuser Pack.gif
Diffuser Pack
Micro Training

Micro Training

Our training modules are the perfect solution for individuals looking to skill up and prepare for the future. These simple exercises provide powerful insight into new tools and technologies.  Each learning module includes all the necessary files, write-ups and video training to ensure the learner has a complete workable package to drive the lesson home.

Renumber Rooms By Spline.gif

Renumber Room By Spline

Bulk Add Shard Parameters.gif

Bulk Add Shared Parameters

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